At Cata de Oro we are entirely committed to the environment. The perfect harmony between agriculture and nature underpins everything we do and protecting the environment is a guiding principle in all our work.

Our farming techniques are environmentally friendly and we use integrated methods and organic products to take care of our olive trees while protecting and the surrounding fauna and flora.

Committed to the environment

An innovative drip irrigation system waters all our olive trees. The biomass left over from our harvest is used as a source of clean energy for our facilities and as a substrate for planting new olive trees.

At Cata de Oro we place special focus on protecting both biodiversity and farming, which is why we are committed to growing native olive varieties that are well-adapted to the environment and therefore more sustainable. We have managed to save the native Royeta de Asque variety from the brink of extinction, making it possible to now taste a unique and exquisite EVOO extracted from one of nature’s greatest treasures.

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