At Cata de Oro we apply strict quality standards to every detail of our olive oil production process, giving our full attention every step of the way, from harvest to crafting our unique EVOO.

We individually monitor each tree with innovative cultivation techniques based on Integrated Farming. To ensure the efficient use of water and resources we have developed cultivation and irrigation methods that respect the environment, and have implemented biological monitoring that minimizes the use of non-organic phytosanitary products.

We take special care with the plant cover we use for our olive groves: in addition to protecting the olive tree and enriching the soil, we provide an ideal habitat for animals that help with pollination and naturally control pests.

All our olive groves are harvested early in order to keep the premium sensory and healthy properties of our olives intact. We harvest our olives at peak ripeness and are able to identify just the right moment for harvest through regular analysis of the olives paired with the experience and know-how of our engineers and field manager.

Our innovative harvest techniques allow us to collect all the olives for our EVOO on the very first day of harvest. The olives are collected and crushed. Our intense harvesting efforts result in a homogeneous product that manages to retain the essence of the purest olive oil. Our EVOO is extracted under effective hygiene and temperature control through a strictly mechanical process called “first cold press”. The purest EVOO is kept in optimal conditions and monitored to guarantee the essence and quality of Cata de Oro.

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