For us, harmony between humans and nature is fundamental, which is why we strive to take care of our olive groves and the surrounding area in an environmentally friendly way. We are committed to quality and sustainability. At Cata de Oro we put all our effort into producing a unique olive oil that is pure and natural with unsurpassed properties and flavour, crafted using traditional methods and sustainable farming

Today, our centuries-old experience in olive growing and olive oil production is paired with cutting-edge scientific knowledge and agricultural biotechnology. The result is a natural, premium olive oil with outstanding purity that extracts all the properties of the fruit and, therefore, all its benefits; we also ensure efficient use of the land in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

Our passion for the olive tree has led us to collaborate on the recovery and cultivation of a native variety on the verge of extinction: Royeta de Asque. The Cata de Oro Royeta de Asque EVOO is the ultimate expression of our philosophy, dedication and love for this work.

Our Cata de Oro EVOO is crafted entirely of olives harvested early in the season when the fruit it as its peak ripeness, prioritising quality over quantity to keep all the benefits of olive oil intact.

The olives are immediately crushed after harvest to maintain their properties intact until the oil is extracted. This process, from the time the olive is in the tree until it is converted into oil, takes less than four hours.

The Cata de Oro EVOO is a pure olive juice that reflects our passion for quality, health and respect for nature. We are committed to a pure and natural product with an unbeatable flavour, the perfect way to discover the world of health benefits that come from this cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.

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