Cata de Oro is a family business with an olive tradition that dates back to 1854 when our family began to cultivate and care for the olive trees that have been grown in the lands of Sigena since the ancient Roman Empire. Our olive grove is nestled in the region of Los Monegros (Huesca) and flourishes under the watchful eye of a bright sun in summer and a penetrating cold in winter, the perfect climate for growing olives.

Steeped in history, this region is framed by an exceptional natural environment. Our olive groves coexist in perfect harmony with one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in Europe, home to a unique range of flowers and birds. All these unique qualities come together to contribute nuances and singular properties to an extra virgin olive oil that offers aromatic flavour with an incomparable personality.

Sustainable and bio-friendly agriculture

At Cata de Oro we are aware of the natural wealth that surrounds us, a feeling of privilege that manifests in our strong commitment to the environment. The result is sustainable and bio-friendly agriculture paired with good ecological practices and activities that help raise awareness about this exceptional region.

We care for our olive trees and produce our EVOO following strict quality standards that result in an olive oil that guarantees an extraordinary culinary experience.

The most exquisite palates describe Cata de Oro EVOO as a sensation of pleasure with a unique freshness and intense aroma and flavour. In short, an oil to enjoy with all five senses.

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